Medical & Office Facility Specialists

Laughner Patel Developers specializes in medical and office facilities development. We work with hospitals, national healthcare companies and corporations to help realize their vision and provide the facilities they need to optimize customer, occupant and patient experiences as well as deliver favorable outcomes that increase profitability.

Medical / Office Available - York, PA
Medical Building Construction Pennsylvania

Early Involvement
& Continuous Leadership

Our experienced team paves the way to project success by being involved in and leading every step of the development process, including site selection, financing, design, governmental approvals and construction.

We deliver projects more efficiently, accurately and economically because we oversee and participate in every aspect of the process. Laughner Patel Developers takes the time to fully understand our clients’ needs, and works with the design and construction team to ensure every decision made is in the best interests of our client.

Laughner & Patel Design/Build Approach

The most important person at the Round Table is our client
Medical Building Construction Pennsylvania

As leaders in real estate development, we understand the critical role we play in the success of the project. Our leadership model, the design build round table, capitalizes on the strengths and expertise of many professionals in a wide variety of fields.

At the beginning of each project, we carefully choose professionals based upon our client’s vision and the unique project requirements and dynamics. Each specialist selected to participate in the project has the opportunity to provide input and guidance early in the process, so our clients are able to take maximum advantage of their expertise.

Early and continuous involvement by each expert provides the opportunity to clearly understand the big picture and control the minute details of the project. Each person on the team understands why decisions are made, and how each aspect of the build impacts our client’s business. The Laughner Patel approach creates a collaborative team that delivers optimized designs for modern healthcare delivery and improved patient experience, on time and on budget.

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