Building the Ideal Patient Experience

Laughner Patel Developers leads the medical construction field. We optimize each facility for both the healthcare providers and the patients they serve.

Creating the Ideal Facility

Healthcare facilities are unique in the construction world. At Laughner Patel, we have a deep understanding of how building choices impact the quality of patient care and the success of the facility.

We work with our clients to understand the facility they want to construct, and will identify and procure professional specialists that can help make that vision a reality. As part of our design build process, we assemble an experienced team of experts familiar with the healthcare environment and regulations to determine the optimal design for the facility—one that meets the needs of the providers and provides a positive experience for the patients.

We identify and procure specialty compliance experts to ensure that all Department of Health regulations for life safety and acute and ambulatory care are met or exceeded. Whether we are constructing a family practice or a level C ambulatory service center, our team provides the same level of detail-oriented management and oversight.

Bob and Mayur’s expertise allowed AllBetterCare to open a Harrisburg location with ease and efficiency. As busy medical professionals already overseeing two existing clinics, Bob and Mayur’s leadership allowed AllBetterCare to focus on our mission of providing an extraordinary experience. They supervised all aspects of our project- approvals, budget, financing advice, timeline, and construction. We appreciated their hard work and would look forward to working with them again.
- Peter Kang, MD: Urgent Care
Medical Construction, Pennsylvania
Laughner + Patel provides build to suit services for:
  • Medical office space
  • Family practices
  • Microhospitals
  • Ambulatory service centers
  • Outpatient services
  • Medical campuses
  • Veterinary clinics
Designing for Specialized Equipment

Poor building design choices that don’t take into account temperature or humidity fluctuations can cause sensitive equipment to malfunction. This results in patient and provider frustration, as well as a loss of revenue and prestige within the medical community. Proper heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) design is critical to ensuring that medical facilities operate as intended, 365 days a year.

We frequently work with clients who have felt firsthand the frustration of rescheduling patients because the humidity or temperature within their building exceeded the range required for proper equipment functionality. We engage a third party mechanical engineer that specializes in medical facilities to properly design each HVAC system to ensure that rooms containing specialized equipment maintain proper temperature and humidity at all times.

Ensuring an Easy and Convenient Parking Experience

Parking is a patient’s first experience with a healthcare facility. Laughner Patel Developers conducts a detailed parking study for each medical building we deliver. Our buildings are designed to have close parking on as many as 4 sides of each building, to make it easier for patients with limited mobility to enter the facility. A dedicated space for staff parking ensures that patients receive the prime parking spots, regardless of when they arrive for their appointment. When appropriate, we design drop off canopies to allow patients to be delivered directly in front of the doors and remain protected from the weather.